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In-Circuit ESR Meter

Since its design in 1995 by Doug Jones, the Capacitor Wizard® has earned the respect of our customers and the professional electronic service industry. Measuring ESR In-circuit is tricky. We know how to do it and have been doing it for over 20 years. The Capacitor Wizard® ESR meter's speed, reliability and ease of use have made it the number one choice of electronic technicians.

Time Tested Design

Over the last 22 years many ESR meters have come and gone yet the Capacitor Wizard® is still around. Why? Its low input impedance, simplicity of use and instant real time measurements still make it the FASTEST and most reliable ESR analyzer made today! The Capacitor Wizard® has become the "GOLD STANDARD" by which all other capacitor analyzers are compared! It has withstood the "test of time".

Best ESR Meter?

Our customers think so. Ask one. Speed, ease of use, proven track record, reliability, loud "part GOOD" beeper, long GOLD PLATED sharp needle point probes, real time measurements, unsurpassed factory support are some of the features that make the Capacitor Wizard® the best ESR meter made today. Why settle for less? You're a pro and really need the very best!

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Gold Standard ESR Meter
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